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Nicki Minaj outfits

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sighs lovingly 


sighs lovingly 

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If I am ignoring you, I apologize. I become distracted and will focus on one thing a while. Sometimes I’m just emotionally overwhelmed and I have to lay down for a while. I’m not ignoring you because it’s you it’s because life is distracting and hard and so sometimes I just need to stop talking to people and sometimes I do that suddenly.

Kind of comforting to see another post like this floating around. I don’t really wanna fall back on a “this is the way things are, deal with it” mentality when I behave like this, but right now I do this a lot. Sometimes I fight the urge, sometimes I let myself disappear. I feel very small and very heavy all the time. I’m trying to lighten up, but I have a feeling it will take me years to shed the things holding me down. Just hoping that other people who might feel like this, and who suffer from vicious cycles of anxiety, are able to move forward sooner rather than later at their own paces. 

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is it silly of me to upload outfit selfies on tumblr, or ;;

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I’ve been really stressed out lately


I’ve been really stressed out lately

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The witch’s pantry

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  • me at the zoo: where are the dragons

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Yo, Pataki! →


Yo Pataki is a re imagining of the Hey Arnold characters as young adults. The series (hypothetically) would center around a 26 year old Helga Pataki who is now a bartender works at the family owned business, Big Bob’s Cafe.




When Big Bob’s Beepers goes…

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Snug as a pug in a rug

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I NEVER KNEW HOW BADLY I NEEDED HAIKYUU!! RULE 63 UNTIL I DREW ONE. and I should be working, working on important stuff

but there was no escape, my hand was drawing uncontrollably 

also a little bonus with managers which I was too tired to finish: